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teatro principal exposicion
In occcasion of the 160th anniversary of Teatro Principal (town's main theater) of the city of Camagüey, the plastic art exhibition "1850" was opened by Camagueyan artist Enrique Murga Ríos.

The exhibition is part of the cultural activities scheduled in the framework of the 496th anniversary of the foundation of the former village of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, currently known as Camagüey.

The works exhibited in the coliseum, show pictures of colonial Camagüey, on aged pieces of wood, in which the artist made a meticulous work, and chose the oil as a pictorial element.

The exhibition shows  Camagueyan constructions dating  from olden times, especially from 18th and 19thth centuries, and some of the pictures were part of the series  Herencia Infinita inspired in the architecture of the old village Puerto Principe.

As curious element of the exhibition one of the pictures was made on the wood used during the first construction of the  theater, in 1850.

The main paintings of artist Enrique Murga Ríos have sepia and clair-obscure tones , which call the attention of the visitors; he uses wood and metal in his art.


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