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Fine arts exponent Agustin Bejarano, opened last week at Pinar del Rio Art Museum (MAPRI) his first personal exhibit in the province entitled Horizontes Blandos (Soft Horizons).

"It comprises some pieces of my last working stage, very well structured", stated to the media.

The exhibition reflects, as he tells, "the commitment to art and the actions of men that most influence have in nowadays society, besides it shows the possibility of the Cuban painting scenery and how artists have taken their work with the corresponding responsibility any plastic work engenders as a communication means of our realities".

Bejarano, born in Camagüey, but internationally recognized by his work, states that the Cuban art has reached important levels, and acknowledges art schools and teachers that have reached an attractive development, not only for him but for some other artists.

"Cuba is a scenery of shades and colors, art expresses the present day contexts the world lives. The blockade has hit us for over 50 years, but the Cuban art keeps growing as we keep creating".


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