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Changes in the education system benefit economy

Now that almost 7 000 teenagers are not longer boarding full-time students but day students, the Cuban province of Camagüey saved more than 3,5 million pesos in transportation last year. Read More

Amorosa Guajira, a special party in the countryside

Behind scenes, a group of girls got ready to fraternally compete in the contest “Amorosa Guajira”, a social gathering in the countryside that the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) announces every year. Read More

Siboney Sugar mill the first to accomplish sugar harvest plan

Triumph whistles and joyful music beats characterized the spontaneous celebration of the workers to celebrate the achievement: Siboney sugar mill became the first one of its kind to complete the sugar production plan in the whole country. Read More

Cuba's sugar cane industry produces electricity

Five sugarcane processing plants in the Cuban province of Camagüey are generating some 6 100 Megawatts in this current harvest season, representing the equivalent of the electricity used by 60 645 houses in one month, an output which is exported to the national grid (SEN, by its Spanish acronym). Read More

Tinima, a giant among Cuban breweries

The Brewery “Tínima” appears as another company of the then Empresa de Bebidas y Licores Camagüey, and it is not up to 1997 that it becomes an independent company belonging to the Association of Breweries with legal status. Read More

Camaguey, a city where tourism is gratifying

Wandering on the urban labyrinth of an unvisited city, walking down its streets, being amazed by the new findings and pleased for the place that has fulfilled general expectations, are reasons that match with the city tourism nowadays. Read More

Cuban ballet maitre Fernando Alonso refuted the anti-Cuba media campaign

Cuban ballet maitre Fernando Alonso refuted the anti-Cuba media campaign launched by the United States and Europe, "an US counter-offensive before the strong pro-Cuba movement in Latin America." Read More

Royal palms increase in Camaguey

About fifty three thousand Royal Palm postures were planted in 2009 in Camagüey Province as part of a program to recover Royal Palm forests.<br /> Read More

Culinary links between Cuba and Canada

Everything started back in Camaguey City on February 1999 when a delegation of Canadian citizens, mainly chefs, came to Cuba and tasted typical meals from Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. Read More

The City of the Big Earthenware Jars is Camaguey

This location is known as the City of the Big Earthenware Jars, a name given just after its final settlement, inland, supposedly at the beginning of January, 1528. Read More

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