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Legal and lobbying fight between cigar makers Swedish Match of Stockholm and Imperial Tobacco Group of Bristol, England.

Each wants exclusive rights to sell Cuban-made brands in the United States, the world's largest market for premium cigars. Read More

Sao Paulo Convention of Solidarity with Cuba Condemned US Blockade on Cuba

The third Sao Paulo Convention of Solidarity with Cuba condemned the US blockade against the island, and reiterated its support for the Cuban Revolution, for its many signs of affection towards the Brazilian people. Read More

If and when Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba, much of that travel will be done from Florida

At a recent meeting in a Key West, local tourism leaders didn't ratify just a contingency plan for the day Washington lifts all travel restrictions on Cuba. They approved also some slogans. Read More

Trade companies of Maryland and Virginia ready to make business with Cuba

Trade-promotion agencies in Maryland and Virginia are moving swiftly to be ready when the U.S. takes down its barriers to doing business with Cuba. Read More

A child is the first swine flu death in United States; found in La Gloria, Texas the so-called patient zero

On Wednesday at least 112 cases has been confirmed by the WHO in the whole world, this list does not include 11 cases reported by New Zealand, three by Germany or another confirmed by Costa Rica. Read More

Diplomats from Cuba and US will meet today in Washington

Officials of the US State Department are meeting today in Washington, DC, with diplomats from the Cuban Interests Section Read More

Discussion on OAS Cuba's re-admission has started

Revoking the 1962 resolution, which excluded the then government of Cuba from participating in the Inter-American system, will provide an opportunity for the OAS to collaborate with Cuba Read More

Fidel Castro writes about John F. Kennedy and his family

Fidel writes about the dramatic story of John F. Kennedy and his family and praises an article written by Kathleen Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s niece, in which she asks Obama to eliminate travel restrictions to Cuba Read More

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