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D´Ricci gallery in Wisconsin with Cuban art

An exhibiton of the Cuban art is underway in Wisconsin. It is about an exhibition of 25 pieces made by the Cuban artists Orestes Larios Zaak and Gregorio Perez, is exhibited until next 24 of November in Madison, capital city of the US state of Wisconsin. Read More

Visiting Havana, the glamour of an old city

Havana, the most captivating city in the Caribbean, has any number of treats to offer visitors. Exquisitely dilapidated streets; mighty forts; iconic hotels, from the colonial to the uncompromisingly modernist. Read More

Chavez proposes Obama to Free the Cuban Five

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged his US peer, Barack Obama, to release the five Cuban anti-terrorists held in US jails for 11 years. Read More

Cuban Five awarded by a Venezuelan University

The Experimental Polytechnic University of the Venezuelan Armed Forces (UNEFA) granted on Friday the ‘Humberto Fernandez’ Order to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States since 1998. Read More

Director of the Cuban National Library to offer lectures in the USA

His work focuses on topics of Cuban independence, abolition, slavery, popular religion, freemasonry, and the formation of “cubanidad” (i.e. what defines the Cuban identity, and what it means to be Cuban). Read More

The embargo against Cuba, should it end?

Ricardo Herrero first a hard liner against the island now thinks otherwise. Not too long ago, Ricardo Herrero was one of Miami's Cuban-American hard-liners, an ardent supporter of the U.S. trade. Read More

Washington’s eternal “Cuba problem” — the one they can’t admit to

“Here we go again. I suppose old habits die hard,” said US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, on October 28 before the General Assembly voted on the annual resolution to end the US embargo against Cuba. Read More

Cuba and the USA towards a working project to protect a shared marine ecosystem

Biodiversity in the Gulf of Mexico can be protected with this environmental project that includes endangered species like The sharks, sea turtles and other miscellaneous underwater creatures needing special care however the U.S. trade embargo against <br /> <br /> Cuba, could cause handycaps. Read More

Judge in U.S. Awards Cuban Jailed Journalist's Mother $27.5 million

<div align="justify"> Omar Rodríguez Saludes was one of 75 dissidents rounded up in 2003 and sentenced to the longest term. His mother, Olivia Saludes, of Kentucky, sued the Cuban government for pain and suffering under the Alien Tort Claims Act. </div> Read More

Jose Contreras ascended from minor leagues to face Chicago Cubs

In less than a month Jose Contreras has ascended from minor leagues to the White Sox's rotation Read More

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