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A dialog among U.S. and Cuba seemed a real possibility

Talks toward a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations seemed to be a real possibility after the new presidents of both countries reached out to each other with surprisingly straightforward language about their desire to revive a relationship frozen by 50 years of cold war. Read More

Hillary Clinton declares in Haiti that her country is ready to talk to Cuba

The United States is ready to talk to Cuba, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday as Caribbean leaders piled pressure on Washington to end its sanctions against the island. Read More

Lula says he will address the Cuban issue in the coming Americas Summit

"What the president wants is that the issue causes no embarrassments for (Barack) Obama, with whom he is genuinely enchanted" according to Folha de Sao Paulo. Read More

Cuba is definitely a rising star in the Caribbean

The US authorities are also working on increasing flight options between the US and Cuba, currently limited to charter and private flights only. Read More

Cuban families ready for reunification

A handful of photos, some emails and brief phone conversations have for years given Cuban immigrants the only glimpse into the life of their relatives living in Cuba. Read More

Cubans in Miami happy for new Obama's measures

The White House called on Cuba to reduce charges it levies on money transfers to family members. An estimated 1.5 million US residents have relatives in Cuba Read More

Posada Carriles might be extradited to Venezuela or tried for murder in US

After a grand Jury in El Paso handed down an 11 point indictment April 10 against Luis Posada, superseding an earlier desultory prosecution for alleged immigration fraud, Posada might be extradited to Venezuela or tried for murder in the United States. Read More

Obama is expected to change some measures against Cuba but will mantain the embargo

The US administration will lift travel, remittance, mail and business restrictions relating to Cuba.<br /> Read More

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