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Cuba says it won’t attend Central American Games

Cuba will not attend the Central American and Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico, saying it is unhappy with visa restrictions and other regulations. Read More

Ricardo Alarcón introduced two new texts on the Cuban Five

Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, introduced two new texts at the International Book Fair, about the Cuban Five, imprisoned in U.S. since 1998. Read More

US Kid Kidnappers in Haiti Arrested

Ten US citizens were detained in Haiti, accused of kidnapping children to take them out of the country, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Read More

Important Event on Bolivar, Marti, Lincoln

The importance of an upcoming conference on Simón Bolívar, Abraham Lincoln and José Martí was highlighted here Wednesday by the executive director of the meeting Eulogio Rodriguez, to be held in Caracas from November 17 to 20. Read More

Intellectuals to denounce US military involvement in Haiti

More than a hundred intellectuals from Latin America and Europe denounced today the increase in the escalating aggression from the United States towards the region. Read More

Cuba, US experts try to save Hemingway home

US and Cuban experts are teaming up to try to save the Cuba home where Ernest Hemingway lived for more than two decades and penned his classic "The Old Man and the Sea," official media said Wednesday. Read More

Kool & the Gang take the ‘Celebration’ to Cuba

American R&B pioneers Kool & the Gang helped Cuba get its funk on, bringing their eclectic mix of sounds Sunday to an open-air stage a stone's throw from the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. Read More

Los Angeles Confidential to be at the Havana Film Festival

Curtis Hanson, director of “L.A Confidencial” at the Havana Festival will take part at the <br /> Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, informed sources of the organizing committee to AFP. Read More

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