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US-Cuba Pastors for Peace Caravan will take place again in July

In July 2009 the 20th Friendshipment will visit over 130 US and Canadian cities Read More

Raúl Arce, Cuban sport journalist defects to US after baseball tournament

Raul Arce, prominent Cuban sports journalist, who was covering the international baseball tournament in San Diego, California, has defected to the United States. Read More

Reflection of Fidel Castro: The 11th President of the United States

<br /> Cuban Revolution leader said new US President Barack Obama has comfortably stated that imprisonment and torture at the illegal Guantanamo Base would cease right away. Read More

Cuba Pays Homage to Harold Pinter

Cuban literature pays tribute to one of the greatest British intellectuals ever. Novel Literature Prize winner in 2005, Harold Pinter, died at the age of 78 after a long battle with cancer. <br /> Read More

Shakespeare in Havana

‘The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare, runs at the Adolfo Llauradó theater the first two weeks of December. Read More

Barack Obama: The Challenges Ahead

Barack Obama unquestionably won the presidential elections in the United States. However, beyond his successful, well-organized and coherent electoral campaign, his overwhelming victory still leaves space for different interpretations. Read More

Cuban FM in New York to Present Cuban Resolution against US Blockade

Cuban FM Felipe Perez Roque is in New York to present on Wednesday a resolution at the UN General Assembly against Washington`s almost fifty-year-old blockade against the Caribbean nation.<br /> Read More

Cuba Honors Paul Newman

The humanitarian tradition and social commitment of legendary US actor Paul <br /> Newman, dead at age 83, was stressed by the Cuban press.<br /> Read More

In Cuba: Viñales, eternal heritage

Viñales has changed. From the distance its flat-topped hillocks keep looking like a herd of sleeping elephants, as Federico García Lorca once said; but the traces of devastation are everywhere. Read More

A Cuban Crocodile Moves from New York to Miami

A Cuban crocodile who spent the past four decades at the Bronx Zoo will live out her remaining days in Miami. Read More

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