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Sao Paulo Convention of Solidarity with Cuba Condemned US Blockade on Cuba
The over 300 participants to the meeting, in representation of social and student organizations, rural movements, trade unions, and political parties, also paid tribute to the 50 years of the Cuban Revolution, and extolled Cubans' firm stance and will to defend their social system.

The Sao Paulo Movement's Letter to the 3rd Convention reads the Cuban revolutionary process is the only one able to bring together in Brazil the most diverse political expressions and members of the society, who do not forget that Cuba welcomed many of their compatriots during the 1964-1985 military dictatorship.

Today, the document highlights, over 1,000 Brazilians are studying on the island, free of charge, and more than 300 have already graduated as doctors.

Meanwhile, the Cuban general consul in that Brazilian state, Carlos Trejo, thanked all the speakers and participants for their support to the Cuban Revolution.


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