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Millions of Americans Still Need to Know about the Cuban Five Case

Solidarity actions in favor of the Cuban five antiterrorist fighters held in US jails, like the recent concert in New York and other demonstrations. Read More

Cuba Refuses Donation from Blockading Govt

Cuba told the United States that it cannot accept a donation from a government that has the island state under a blockade, although it is willing to buy indispensable materials from American companies. Read More

Ex-Prisoners of US Base in Guantanamo Reiterate Denunciations of Torture

Four British citizens who were detained for more than two years in the illegally occupied US Naval Base in Guantanamo have demanded the US Supreme Court to declare itself to be in favour of `the right of detainees not to be tortured`. Read More

Tanzanians Reject Unjust Punishment to Cuban Five

Patrick Qorro, president of the Association of Friendship Tanzania Cuba, rejected the unjust sentences against the five Cuban antiterrorists, imprisoned in United States for monitoring anti-Cuban organizations in Miami. Read More

In Mexico: The Exhibition of Cuban plastic of the International Contemporary Art Festival

The Exhibition of Cuban plastic, Arboleda, El Cuerpo es cuerpos, was opened as part of the 14 edition of the International Contemporary Art Festival, held in Leon, Mexican state of Guanajuato.<br /> Read More

Manolín se presentara el próximo 07 de septiembre en la Sala Heineken de Madrid

Manolín se presentara el próximo 07 de septiembre en la Sala Heineken de Madrid. Una cita inapreciable para los que quieran conocer a uno de los músicos cubanos que mayor reconconocimiento ha cosechado en la última década. Read More

Microsoft and Cuba

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. There's just something fundamentally wrong when a U.S. company isn't allowed to compete in a market where the rest of the world is free to benefit from commercial engagement and entrepreneurism.<br /> Read More

Marcelino Guerra, an outstanding personality of the Cuban music

Every year, due to the bolero tradition, Cienfuegos is selected as one the cities to celebrate the International Festival of Boleros de Oro and as it usually happens there in the venue located in the south centre of Cuba, a special homage is offered to a prominent musician who was born in that province. Read More

Cuba Media on US Secret Europe Push

A possibility that the European Union (EU) Council analyzes in June the continuing of sanctions on Cuba it imposed in 2003 has Washington on its toes. In remarks on "Rebelion" website entitled "The European tour of Bush consul to Cuba," the daily states such sanctions are a result of conniving betwen former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar and current US President George W. Bush. Read More

Exhibited in UNO: Cuban movie "El Benny"

The music from the famous Cuban Benny Moré reached here with the exhibition of a movie about his life. This was enjoyed by ambassadors, diplomats and employees from the United Nations Office. Read More

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