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Decades After Its Heyday, Disco Fever Grips Cuba

More than 30 years after the disco craze, middle-age Cubans are finally living the era in discotembas — bars and public gatherings playing 1970s disco hits and attracting a graying crowd of dancers. Read More

Contracts, not handshakes, are essential practice in business, builders are reminded

Contracts, the documents that bind the construction trades to the State, have yet to become a standard business practice, Granma said in an article published Saturday. Read More

US fears oil spill could reach Cuba

WASHINGTON, USA (CMC) -- Officials in the Barack Obama administration are expressing concern that the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could spread damage to Cuba. Read More

Cuba to open tour of sunken Spanish-American War vessels

HAVANA — Cuba plans to open underwater excursions to view six sunken vessels wrecked in 1898 off the island's shores during the Spanish-American War, the state-run Cubatur tourism firm said Friday. Read More

Liuba María Hevia's latest CD "Puertas"

After 25 years of having enjoyed the sweet voice of singer/songwriter Liuba María Hevia, her new CD "Puertas" is relased, which has taken longer than any of her previous albums, and brings together 13 songs composed in the course of 2002 to 2008. Read More

Municipal council set up in Camaguey

Camagüey, May 20 – A total of 1,008 Cuban citizens, nominated and elected by the people swore Wednesday as delegates of the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power in Camaguey to rule for a two years and a half term in this portion of Cuba. Read More

Exploring unchanged Cuba

We are in Cuba's heart, the middle of this long streak of island, in search of the country's provincial face and a gentler pace than Havana. Read More

Cuba says private farmers can deal directly with suppliers

In the latest loosening of government involvement in Cuba's still predominantly state-run economy, private farmers in the country will be allowed to bypass the government bureaucracy and purchase goods directly from suppliers. Read More

Infinite vitality in Cuban music

Cuban music has made contributions to universal culture by comming out with characteristics of their own and endless vitality, under the heritage of Spanish and African rhythms and the receptor of Caribbean, continental and European influences. Read More

Cuba bureaucrats told not to interfere with private farms

The Cuban government has told its bureaucrats to give farmers more autonomy. Read More

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