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tumba francesa

Abel Prieto Jiménez, minister for Culture, stated in Guantánamo that one of the main challenges of the nation is to preserve and transmit the love for traditions from one generation to the next one.

Prieto, who is also a member of the Political Buro declared with enthusiasm on his visit this weekend to the house dedicated to the autochthonous Changüí rhythm and the seat of French Tumba.

Prieto Jiménez highlighted his satisfaction by seeing the passion of the people from Guantánamo for their traditions, “Which they respect, love and preserve in such a wonderful way”.

The head of culture held an exchange with the cultivators who maintain alive these ancient dance-music expressions of high ethno/cultural value, born in the hills of the eastern part of Cuba.

In his visit to the Guaso Village, the Minister for Culture travelled through other institutions of the field, together with Luís Antonio Torres Iribar, First Secretary of the Communist party in the province and he confessed he was impressed with everything that has been made in construction work for the social reanimation of the territory.

I have seen a city full of life, full of young people and cultural options, highlighted Prieto Jiménez to the press and he also talked about the big and heterogeneous animation around the stands of the Book Festival in this city, and the happiness of the children in the Children’s hall.

He emphasized on the challenge represented for the cultural institutions and for all of those entities related to healthy recreation, to maintain diverse options so that young people might use properly their free time in an enriching manner.

In these hard times, when we have to be very rational there is a huge movement in the cultural field and a stronger will from the Party and Government to advance, which allows us to make true miracles with small resources.

During his stay in the eastern Cuban province the Minister held an encounter with the members of the Guantánamo-Baracoa Theater Crusade, and he congratulated them for their twenty years taking their art to the inhabitants of the mountains and he classified the initiative as a true model of cultural work.

Source: and Cubarte

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