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Caribe Girls, Cuban female salsa

Female salsa bands had a boost during the 1990's with the Boom of Cuban Salsa, as it happened during the 19930's due to economic problems. Read More

When you Leave Havana's Vedado

I traveled to the eastern cities of Las Tunas and Puerto Padre on a working visit to receive the Replica of the Pen with which Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo (El Cucalambe). Read More

Cuba Prioritizes Actions to Control and Prevent HIV/AIDS

Cuba’s priorities to reduce infection risks are the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and the improvement of people’s quality of life. Read More

Mockingbird Can Sing Cuba’s National Anthem

Ana Cruz, a teacher from Las Tunas province and with more than 30 years of experience, taught a mockingbird Cuba’s National Anthem. Read More

Farms reaching an intensive rice yield in Camaguey

The increase of cultivable areas and the handing over of idle lands in usufruct foresee the incorporation of four new Camaguey-based cooperative farms to the productive movement known as the "Movimiento de 100 000 quinatles" which gathers farms reaching an output of more than 4 500 tonnes of rice each. Read More

Movie on José Martí to Premiere in Camaguey

The film "Marti, the eye of the canary", by moviemaker Fernando Perez, will have its world premiere next Tuesday in this city, at the inauguration of the XVII National Workshop on Film Critic. Read More

Young Cubans to Visit Fidel Birthplace Museum in Biran

The “From the Aconcagua to the Turquino Peak” project, made up of Cuban journalist and students from Havana’s Institute of International Relations will visit the birthplace of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, before starting a tour of the iconic Sierra Maestra in the east part of the island. Read More

Production Revival in Avilanian Industry

The growing delivery of agricultural raw material from several parts of the country has allowed the recovery of the Avilanian preserves industry and especially several canning lines that were out of use.<br /> Read More

Cuban Minister for Culture calls to preserve traditions

Abel Prieto Jiménez, minister for Culture, stated in Guantánamo that one of the main challenges of the nation is to preserve and transmit the love for traditions from one generation to the next one. Read More

A memorial house dedicated to Vilma Espín to be inaugurated in Santiago de Cuba

A museum dedicated to the revolutionary work of Vilma Espín Guillois will be inaugurated on April 7 in Santiago de Cuba, announced Carolina Aguilar, member of the National Committee of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC in Spanish). Read More

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