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A museum dedicated to the revolutionary work of Vilma Espín Guillois will be inaugurated on April 7 in Santiago de Cuba, announced Carolina Aguilar, member of the National Committee of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC in Spanish).

The opening of the memorial will coincide with the 80th anniversary of the birth of our dear leader and there is nothing better than to collect her history in that emblematic place, said Aguilar in declarations made to AIN.

She informed that the seat of the new institution will be found in the house of the Espín Guillois family, which was used as headquarters in the preparations of the uprising in Santiago de Cuba to support the landing of the Granma yacht in 1956 through the south eastern Cuban coasts.

Vilma is part of that history and we aim to highlight her figure, revolutionary trajectory, to set the most important facts of her life, declared the employee.

These were years of hard and different work, because after the triumph of the revolution she was the founder of the FMC, a leader in the Cuban Communist Party and in the Cuban State, remembered Aguilar.

Under the orders of Frank País García, on November 30, 1956 there took place the uprising in Santiago de Cuba with attacks on the Siboney frigate, setting fires on the Headquarters of the National Police and taking the station of the Maritime Police.

Its aim was to distract the soldiers from Dictator Fulgencio Batista and to back up the expedition of the Granma yacht, which had set sail on November 25 from Tuxpan, Mexico with 82 men lead by the young lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz.

The people from Santiago supported the fighters but the soldiers received reinforcement and they were dealt with harshly.

They had to hide away, because Granma yacht did not arrive on time due to a storm. It arrived on December 2 to Playa Las Coloradas, in the current eastern province of Granma.

In these actions were killed José “Pepito” Tey Saint-Blancard, Tony Alomá Rodríguez and Otto Parellada Hechavarría.

Source: Cubadebate

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