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U.S.-Cuba relations topic of speech

Bay Area activist Gloria La Riva will present an update on Cuba and U.S. relations with the country in a presentation set for 7:30 p.m. Friday at the First United Methodist Church at 9 Ross Valley Drive in San Rafael.<br /> Read More

A Much-Slandered People's Achievement

Perhaps the least publicized and, paradoxically, most slandered achievement of the insurrectional struggle that placed the Cuban Revolution in power a little over half a century ago was the way in which, following the victory, the members  of the Batista tyranny were punished in an exemplary way for their crimes and other acts of cruelty. Read More

President Raul Castro and minister take economics issue before an assembly of top military officers

A speech delivered by Raúl Castro last Friday, May 28, was summarized one week later, on Friday, June 4, in the Communist Party daily Granma by its editor-in-chief, Lázaro Barredo Medina, a member of the National Assembly. Read More

Cuban VP Verifies Progresses in Santiago de Cuba Aqueduct

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, June 4 (acn) Cuban Vice-President Ramiro Valdés emphasized to builders and staffs that rehabilitate the Santiago de Cuba aqueduct that efficiency, organization and execution on time of the schedule are vital. Read More

Cuban President Acknowledges Bastion 2009 Work

Cuban President Raul Castro stated that we should continue working in a sustained and irreversible way to solve the complex economic problems the nation is facing and increase the country's capacity to face disaster situations. Read More

Cuba's quiet revolution

Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- At a privately run farm west of Havana, Cuban farmer Jesus Rodriguez is looking for some changes Read More

Granma Daily publishes critical letters on economy

In recent months, Cuba's largest newspaper has published letters to the editor on how to fix the nation's economy. Read More

Fidel Castro Says Banning Coca Is Like Taking Tea away from the English

May 31 (Bloomberg) -- Former Cuban President Fidel Castro said the global ban on coca, the leaf used to make cocaine, is like taking away tea from the English. Read More

Spanish hotel chain to open new facility in Cuba

The Spanish hotel chain Barcel Hotels Resorts will expand its offerings in Cuba next July with the opening of Arenas Blancas, a four-star hotel with 358 rooms, at the Varadero resort in central Matanzas province. Read More

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