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Turquino Project Revives Cultural Life in the Mountains

<div align="justify"> SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba July 1 (acn) The distribution of audio equipment and musical instruments in the communities belonging to the Turquino Project revives the cultural life of its population and contributes to the integral development of this region.<br /> </div> Read More

Preservation of Cuban Seas on the rise

<div align="justify"> To take in at least 15 percent of the insular platform and the fourth part of the coral reefs is  one of the goals of the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP), with impacts in Pinar del Rio. </div> Read More

Cuba's Documentary Treasure Added to Memory of the World

<div align="justify"> The collection on Jose Marti treasures some 2,000 documents about the life and work of the Cuban national hero.<br /> </div> Read More

10 Years on, Elian Not Angry at Miami Relatives

<div align="justify"> HAVANA (AP) -- Elian Gonzalez says he's not angry at his Miami relatives who fought to keep him in the United States during a nasty international custody battle a decade ago, and is thankful ''a large part of the American public''supported him being reunited with his father in Cuba. </div> Read More

Research and Markets: Cuba Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband

<div align="justify"> Cuba's Fixed-Line Services Remain a Monopoly in the Hands of Government Controlled Etecsa, The Cuba - Telecoms, Mobile, and Broadband profiles the fixed-line, mobile and broadband markets in Cuba. </div> Read More

Festival of Chinese Culture to be held in Cuba

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Cuba will hold a festival of Chinese culture on July 17 and July 18 at the Havana ExpoCuba Fairground, an official said here on Tuesday </div> Read More

Long-ignored freshwater molluscs in Cuba under threat

<div align="justify"> Among biologists, Cuba is famous for its diversity of molluscs with some 3,000 species, including the fact that over 90 percent of its land snails live no-were else. </div> Read More

Cuban Experience in Children Health Care Praised

<div align="justify"> WHO and PAHO are to announce the result of an investigation on Cuba's experience on children health care. </div> Read More

Cuba Holidays

<div align="justify"> Cuba is the party capital of the Caribbean with a nightlife like nowhere else. But that's not to say it's only party lovers who enjoy holidays in Cuba. </div> Read More

Cuban Ambassador to UK Visits Northern Ireland

Rene Mujica Cantel, Ambassador of Cuba in Britain, visited the city of Belfast,Northern Ireland's capital, where he discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the two parties. Read More

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