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Cubans in Miami and Havana, A Transnational Community?

Transnational communities generate bidirectional cultural flows that can be seen as cultural remittances. These flows feed a “marketplace” of ideas, values, customs and ways of life that overlap with national cultures. <br /> Read More

Cuba Looks to Improve Education System for 2010/2011 Year

The National Seminar on Educational Planning for the 2010/2011 Academic Year got underway May 10 focusing on the first item on the agenda: to discuss strategies to achieve greater efficiency and control over teacher training and resources Read More

Cuba mulls foreign buyout after worst sugar harvest in a century

HAVANA, May 10 (UPI) -- Cuba is considering foreign -- possibly Brazilian -- buyout of its troubled sugarcane industry after the worst harvest. Read More

Cuba suffers exodus of the best and the brightest

Havana is being emptied of young people who are choosing emigration Read More

Vatican foreign minister to visit Cuba in June

HAVANA – The Vatican's foreign minister is coming to Cuba next month to lead discussions on the island's economic challenges and the effects of emigration and the families torn apart by it.<br /> Read More

Times of India: Cuba rated best place to be a mother

Save the Children State of the World's Mothers 2010 report finds that among developing nations Cuba offers the best conditions for motherhood: Read More

Cuba says its sugar harvest is worst in 105 years

HAVANA (AP) -- Cuba said Wednesday that this year's sugar harvest is the least productive in more than a century -- an   assessment that follows the firing of the head of an industry that was once a symbol of the nation. Read More

Cuba OKs residential projects linked to resorts

HAVANA – Cuba has approved construction of residential projects linked to resorts, the tourism minister said Tuesday, possibly opening the door for villas that could one day ring oceanfront golf courses and other vacation gateways. Read More

Cubans Reject Smear Campaign with Large Marches Nationwide

HAVANA, Cuba, May 1 (acn) President Raul Castro headed the May Day celebrations in Havana on Saturday morning when millions of Cubans marched in streets and plazas nationwide to express their support of the Cuban Revolution Read More

What Cuba Can Teach Us About Health Care

Just a morning’s boat ride from the tip of Florida is a place where medical costs are low and doctors plentiful. It’s Cuba, and Stanford University physician Paul Drain says it’s time for the United States to pay attention to our neighbor’s shoestring success. Read More

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