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Photo Display on Cuba Opens in Japan

The exhibition "That´s what Cubans are Like" of photographer Roberto Salas, opened at the Cervantes Institute here as part of the festivities on occasion of the 80th anniversary of Cuba-Japan diplomatic ties Read More

"Punto de encuentro", a tribute to the 10th Havana Biennial exhibition

The collective art project Punto de Encuentro, which is coordinated by the plastic artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho), is a tribute to the spirit of the 10th Havana Biennial exhibition in its 25 years. Read More

Havana Biennial its Opens

The 10th Havana Biennial opens March 27th,  at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress with considerable international participation that speaks for itself of the prestige of the Cuban event. Later in the evening X Alfonso will give a welcoming concert.<br /> Read More

Art from all five continents in 2009 Havana Biennial

Visual artists from different generations, most of them from Latin America, Africa and Australia will assist to the 10th Havana Biennial, which will be celebrating this year its 25th anniversary. Read More

Strong Chilean presence at the 10 Havana Biennial exhibition.

A wide representation of Chilean artists, among them Maximo Corvalan y Bernardo Oyarzun, will take part in the 10 Havana Biennial that will start next 27 with guests from 54 countries. Read More

Cuban photographic exhibition witness of three hurricanes

Pictures that are witness of the disaster suffered by Cuba by the hurricanes Gustav, Ike and Paloma are exhibited at the exhibition opened by the news agencies Cubana de Noticias (ACN) and International Press Service (IPS). Read More

Underwater Photography Contest Opens in Cuba

Divers and models from France, Italy, Spain and Cuba will compete for best image of the Caribbean marine environment Read More

Chelsea galleries visit Havana

Twenty-eight US art galleries have been invited to show work at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba, for the first time since 1986. Read More

The art of a continent: Australia at the Tenth Havana Biennial

To a large part of the public of these lands, Australia is still an unexplored cultural universe. The geographical distance and its peculiar environment play a great role here. Anyway, the art of the island-continent has earned an important place in the great international exhibition spaces. Read More

Biennial Arts Fair to Begin in Havana

More than 300 creators from 54 countries have confirmed their participation in the contemporary arts event, which will take place from March 27 to April 30<br /> Read More

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