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Cuba and Russia exchange on peaceful use of nuclear energy

Cuba and Russia assessed the prospects for cooperation in the field of the applications of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in Moscow today. Read More

A Cuban vaccine against cholera

Dr. Rafael Fando from the National Center for Scientific Research is the principal investigator of the vaccine against cholera. Read More

Jacobson will remain in charge of negotiations for the time being

The US diplomat Roberta Jacobson will continue to lead the negotiations for the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, until being confirmed at her new position as ambassador to Mexico , said on Tuesday the State Department. Read More

Profound political and economic changes in Cuba are portended

Juan Triana Cordoví, professor of Economics at the University of Havana, said today that Cuba is bound to profound economic and political changes, which will be staged in the spring of 2016 when the Seventh Congress of the Cuban Communist Party to be held. Read More

The White House is ready to veto legislation that would restrict travels to Cuba

The White House announced on Tuesday its readiness to veto a bill being discussed in Congress on budgets for the urban transport sector, which in its devices restricts travels to Cuba. Read More

The Cosmos thrashed Cuba 4-1 in friendly symbolic match in Havana

The New York Cosmos thrashed Cuba 4-1 yesterday in a symbolic friendly match under the rain in Havana. Read More

Cuba is not ready for investment, says billionaire

After a recent trip to Cuba, the American billionaire and real estate developer Stephen Ross said on Tuesday that the country is not entirely open for business while the Castro government to be in power. Read More

Canada and Cuba increase air routes

Cuba and Canada signed on Tuesday a new agreement on air traffic to allow an "unlimited" number of airlines make flights between the two countries, which never broke relations. Read More