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British ambassador to Cuba grants award to the person to write him using Wi-Fi

Tim Cole, British ambassador to Cuba, offered on his official blog of the Foreign Ministry a prize to the first person to write him a comment from a Wi-Fi signal in a park of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, or Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Senate blocks the closure of Guantanamo Naval Base

With 71 votes in favor and 25 against; the United States Senate has approved a text on the defense bill and a budget of 612 billion dollars for 2016. Read More

Oettinger Davidoff wants to return to Cuba

The prestigious cigar producer Oettinger Davidoff opens the door to a possible return to Cuba, after the announcement of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States last December. Read More

An ad against the embargo appears on American television

"Isn’t it time for a change?” A TV commercial concludes with that question that reminds Americans in 30 seconds their travel ban to Cuba and the about six billion dollars in business that US companies lose by the embargo. Read More

Granma and CubaDebate among the most viewed websites in Cuba

In an article published recently by the popular technology journal PC Magazine, CubaDebate (6th place) and Granma (10th) are included as major news sites of the Internet in Cuba and the most preferred by users of the Island. Read More

Gowaii will open two hotels in Cuba

The touristic group Gowaii, present on the island for nearly twenty years in the business of receiving tourists, now plans to expand its presence in Cuba and open two hotels, one in Havana and another in Varadero. Read More

WI-FI rooms in 35 points of Cuban territory will be opened, ETECSA announces

In the coming weeks the Telecommunications Company in Cuba (ETECSA by its Spanish acronym) will open 35 internet rooms with wireless technology in public spaces around the country. Read More

Cuba can become the Singapore of the Caribbean

In a document essay of the Center for Studies and Research of Defense in India, the investigator Rajendra M. Abhyankar says that Cuba can become the Singapore of the Caribbean, after the break the US government has offered with its new policy toward the island. Read More