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German Foreign Minister will travel to Cuba this year

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister, today announced his plans to travel to Cuba this year, in what will be the first visit to the island of a German minister in nearly 60 years. Read More

Jacobson: Cuba has not decided its strategy for internet and mobile phones

The United States said on Tuesday that they have the impression that Cuban government has not yet decided a strategy on how to modernize its infrastructure in the area of ​​telecommunications. Read More

Panel runs in Washington on potentialities of Cuba-US collaboration in marine conservation

As part of the annual Capitol Hill Ocean Week 2015, academic forum which will run until next Thursday 12th, a special panel on US-Cuba relations took place for the first time today in Washington. Read More

Gente de Zona included in the world premiere of Apple Music

Last Monday August 8th, during the annual celebration of the Wordwide Developer's Conference, Apple released its new product Apple World Music under the slogan "All in one place". The person in charge of the announcement was Eddy Cue, an American of Cuban descent and senior vice president of Internet software and Services. Read More

Moody's: Double currency is the biggest macroeconomic challenge for Cuba

Moody's Investors Service pointed out the dual monetary system in Cuba, with one convertible peso CUC)equivalent to one dollar that coexists with the Cuban peso (CUP) or "national currency"- as one of the major sources of inefficiency and distortion of prices. Read More

Cuba: Corporate Law would take effect in 2017

The current changes in the Cuban enterprise system, launched four years ago, will lead in 2017 to the creation of a Corporate Law, which brings together all the principles, characteristics and requirements of the operation of the entities. Read More

Cuba and Germany signed memorandums of understanding on water sector

The signing of memorandums of understanding between Cuban and German companies in the field of water resources marked the day today in Cubagua 2015 international event, in session in Havana Convention Center until next Friday. Read More

Trained dolphin therapy improves the lives of disabled children in Cuba

Javier Gonzalez, a 10 years old kid who barely sees and hears because of a cerebral palsy, goes every week to play with the dolphins Coral and Xinana, axes of a therapy that has improved his quality of life. Read More