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Juan Triana Cordoví, professor of Economics at the University of Havana, said today that Cuba is bound to profound economic and political changes, which will be staged in the spring of 2016 when the Seventh Congress of the Cuban Communist Party to be held.
Triana was one of the speakers at the conference on Cuban economy held today at the Brookings Institute in Washington , which was opened by Stefan Selig, United States Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade.
Stefan Selig today called on Cuba to open its market and make reforms as part of the process of normalization with the United States, stressing that if Cuba opens its economy and initiates the necessary reforms, it can be at the level of other Latin American countries such as Chile, Colombia or Peru, which have passed to the economic growth and modernization.
Triana described as "long and arduous" the process for the lifting of the US embargo on the island and the process of lifting the economic sanctions imposed by the United States to Cuba because, according to him, it is a framework of rules and impediments which would take over a year to remove.


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