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December 25th

More than 2.4 million tourists will come to Cuba

Cuba says more than 2.4 million tourists will come to the island by the end of the year, up 3.3 percent from 2008's record, though deep discounts and shorter stays mean vacation industry revenues are down overall. Read More

Jamaican Minister Praises Cuban Ophthalmologists

The Cuban ophthalmologists'' work and capacity in Jamaica were praised by the Health Minister Rudyard Spencer, who also explained that his country suffers a serious lack of specialists in that sphere. Read More

Tínima beer celebrates its anniversary

Labourers of the well-known Camaguey-based Tínima brewery celebrates its 24th anniversary Thursday, now with its productive capacity recovered, after having put into function 12 reactors, with which it already has 36 reactors working. Read More

Cuban Judo Federation Selects 2009 Best

Cuban Judo Federation named Yanet Bermoy and Oscar Braison as the best athletes in that discipline this year. Read More

Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs turns 50 years

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) a commemorative medal was bestowed on Cuban leaders Fidel and Raul Castro and posthumously on Revolution Commander Juan Almeida Bosque. Read More

Early days of the Cuban Revolution in pictures exhibited

A photographic exhibition of the Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro and his presence at  the first dinner bunker on December 24 1959, in the yard of Soplillar was opened at the same place yesterday. Read More

December 24th

Fidel Castro awarded by the Cuban Association of Teachers in Cuba

The Association of Teachers of Cuba gave Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro the Outstanding Teacher of the Twentieth Century Award, for being an exceptional teacher of his people and revolutionaries the world over. Read More

19th International Book Fair in Havana is set for February 2010

The principle venues of the event will be the Morro-Cabaña Fortress as traditional, the centrally located Pabellon Cuba exhibit center and the Rancho Boyeros Fair grounds. Read More

A book entitled: Cubans and Canadians, A look on Cuba’s culture

What comes to mind when Canadians think of Cuba? Sunshine, scenery and beautiful beaches. We think of the fun of the inexpensive, all-inclusive vacation - and the welcoming nature of Cuba's people. Cuba is our getaway, our warm-weather haven that allows us to escape Canada's winter chill - even if that escape lasts only for a week or two. Read More