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December 22nd

National Competition on Rural Poetry and Song at Las Tunas province

With the purpose of boosting the national culture and stimulating the creation of the traditional gloss, the House and the Iberian-American Centre for Ten-line Stanza and the Improvised Verse, and the Provincial Centre of Book and Literature, announced the National Competition on Rural Poetry and Song. Read More

Aire de Concierto jazz band to release first album

The young Cuban jazz band Aire de Concierto is starting to gain some ground on the national stage as they get ready to release there first album Con Clarinete (Bis Music).<br /> Read More

Florida Senate candidates meet at a forum on Cuba

The four top candidates in the race to become Florida's next U.S. senator have met to discuss the issue of U.S.-Cuba relations. Read More

Ramiro Valdes and Bejerano promoted to Council of State VPs

Cuba has promoted revolutionary commander Ramiro Valdes and comptroller Gladys Bejerano to vice presidents of its supreme governing body, the Council of State.<br /> Read More

Travel to Cuba back on the US Congressional agenda, in the House and Senate

U.S. public overwhelmingly backs travel to Cuba. Travel to Cuba is back on the congressional agenda with the introduction of the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act in both the House and the Senate. Read More

Kool & the Gang take the ‘Celebration’ to Cuba

American R&amp;B pioneers Kool &amp; the Gang helped Cuba get its funk on, bringing their eclectic mix of sounds Sunday to an open-air stage a stone's throw from the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. Read More

Cuba's finances eases as the island pays Mexico's exporters

Cuba resumed payments to Mexican exporters after holding back on foreign currency transfers for  onths, signalling that a cash crunch on the island’s $49 billion economy may be easing. Read More

President Raúl Castro said U.S. is trying to destabilize Cuba

The United States is out to destabilize Cuba, President Raul Castro stated on Sunday in an address to the National Assembly. Read More

Cuban biotechnology’s achievements continue its trend

CIMAVAX EGF, the first therapeutic vaccine to treat advanced lung cancer registered in Cuba and unique of its kind registered in the world for this type of malignancy is part of a long list of medicines developed on the island to reduce deaths and replace importations. Read More