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September 3rd

Judge in U.S. Awards Cuban Jailed Journalist's Mother $27.5 million

<div align="justify"> Omar Rodríguez Saludes was one of 75 dissidents rounded up in 2003 and sentenced to the longest term. His mother, Olivia Saludes, of Kentucky, sued the Cuban government for pain and suffering under the Alien Tort Claims Act. </div> Read More

China Lends Cuba $600 Millions

<div align="justify"> Wu, the second most powerful man in China's ruling Communist Party, and Cuban parliamentary chief Ricardo Alarcon oversaw the signing of a series of agreements, including for a loan worth 260 million dollars for the purchase of 10 grain shipments, as well as another loan to help improve Cuba's telecommunications network. </div> Read More

Cuban's Health Is Put at Risk by U.S. Sanctions

<div align="justify"> An Amnesty report examines the effects of the sanctions, which have been in place since 1962. Amnesty International Secretary-General Irene Khan called the U.S. embargo immoral and said it should be lifted. &quot;It's preventing millions of Cubans from benefiting from vital medicines and medical equipment essential for their health.&quot; </div> Read More

Political Prisioners in Cuba Back Juanes Concert

<div align="justify"> The group, which includes 18 people still behind bars since a 2003 crackdown on dissidents and six freed on probation, said the September 20 concert would help reconcile Cubans bitterly divided since Fidel Castro took power in a 1959 revolution. </div> Read More

September 2nd

Amnesty Says Obama Should Lift Cuban Embargo

<div align="justify"> &quot;The U.S. embargo against Cuba: Its impact on economic and social rights&quot;, Amnesty said the restrictions severely limited Cuba's ability to import medicine, medical equipment and technology essential for treating life-threatening disease and maintaining public health programmes. </div> Read More

Discussions about Resuming Direct Mail between Cuba and U.S.

<div align="justify"> Direct postal service between the United States and Cuba was terminated in 1963 and since then mail between the countries can take weeks to arrive since it must be routed through third countries. If the talks are succesful, it will be the first time in nearly half a century  for direct mail service to work between the two countries. </div> Read More

Lunchrooms Closing in Cuba, and That Is Good for Food Service

<div align="justify"> &quot;The order is already out to close the lunchrooms of the ministries in Havana and pay the employees 15 pesos more per day,&quot; a mid-level government administrator said this week, asking that his name not be used. &quot;If all goes well many more will close in the city and around the country,&quot; said government sources. </div> Read More

Cuba Won't Rejoin OAS Soon According to Insulza

<div align="justify"> OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza told reporters it's likely that &quot;some years&quot; and &quot;a lot of changes in Cuba&quot; will happen before the Cuban government asks to return to the 34-nation organization. <br /> </div> Read More