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U.S. Ships to Cuba Food... a Lot of Other Things

<div align="justify"> Venezuela may boast of its revolutionary friendship with Cuba, and China may send its youth there to study Spanish, but the United States has emerged as the No. 1 exporter of agricultural products to Cuba. And that's not all that can be sent to Cuba legally. Try live primates, truffles, azalea bushes, fox furs -- even cigars. </div> Read More

Trademark Wars Might Be in the Future of Cuba

<div align="justify"> As the U.S. and Cuba consider better ties, such trademark issues would have be settled before any easing of the embargo. The fight between Bacardi and the Cuban government for the Havana Club name already has played out in the U.S. courts and Congress for more than a decade -- and is now before Spain's high court. </div> Read More

'Mule' Industry in Cuba Was Fuel by Bush-era Travel Restrictions

<div align="justify"> Tightened travel, money and parcel restrictions enacted by President Bush in 2004 have spawned a shadowy cottage industry of mulas -- mules, the nickname for illegal couriers who, for a fee, carry money and goods beyond legal limits. </div> Read More