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Helping to Do Business in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The law office of Lex S.A. -- a spinoff from the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba -- helps about 100 companies a month register their trademarks and brands in Cuba. Some are already doing business on the island under exclusions to the U.S. embargo, others await the day when the sanctions end and the two nations resume normal trade. </div> Read More

Cuba: Thousands Pay Homage to Juan Almeida

<div align="justify"> President Raul Castro and other top government officials were reportedly on hand, though elder brother and former Communist leader Fidel Castro -- not seen in public since abdominal surgery in 2006 -- did not make an appearance. </div> Read More

Cuba Defeats Brits in World Cup Baseball

<div align="justify"> Cuba beat the fourth-ranked third seed from round one Great Britain 6-0. The score isn’t that lopsided, as some might have expected. Freddy Alvarez (W 1-0) dominated with a complete game two-hit shutout. Besides two singles, he also conceded three walks, while striking out nine. </div> Read More

Exploring Cuba's Business Potential

<div align="justify"> If the U.S. government dropped its travel restrictions entirely, rather than just for Cuba-Americans — and Cuba proved as big a draw for American tourists as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, or Cancun, Mexico — the island could expect more than 1 million additional visitors a year. </div> Read More