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Embargo on Cuba Extended by Obama

<div align="justify"> The extension of the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWTEA) was largely symbolic. While it was used by President John F. Kennedy as the legal basis for slapping the embargo on Havana, another law would have kept those sanctions in place even if Obama had not signed the extension. </div> Read More

Juanes' Concert Will Do Good to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Cubans on the island should enjoy as many fundamental rights as possible -- and as soon as possible. Most of us already enjoy the right to be inspired every day, but the Juanes concert presents one rare opportunity for our brothers and sisters, in particular the younger generation in Cuba, to be inspired on a whole new scale. </div> Read More

Vicepresident Almeida Will Be Bury in Eastern Cuba

<div align="justify"> A motorcade containing Almeida's remains will depart the military airport in the eastern city of Santiago, 860 kilometers southeast of Havana, on Tuesday, the state-run Granma newspaper reported. It said thousands are expected to turn out to witness the somber procession. </div> Read More

Russia's Top Military Commander Will Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> Gen. Nikolai Makarov, who landed in Havana late on Monday, will meet with his Cuban counterpart Gen. Alvaro Lopez Miera and other top brass, and &quot;visit a number of military installations,&quot; Russian Ambassador in Cuba Mikhail Kamynin said. </div> Read More