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Cuba and U.S. Discuss Re-Starting Mail Service

<div align="justify"> The U.S. first suggested restarting direct service back in 1999, then repeated the offer in 2000, 2002 and 2008. Cuba accepted in May, and formalized its offer to host the talks when representatives of the two nations met on the sidelines of bilateral migration talks held in New York in July. </div> Read More

Cuba Is Rethinking System of Paternalism

<div align="justify"> The process represents a seismic shift away from social distribution to individual reward and from state-directed consumption to personal choice in one of the world's most paternalistic societies. In Cuba, authorities have long viewed work and the distribution of goods and services as more of an ideological than an economic matter. </div> Read More

Cuba Keen On Developing Green Tourism

<div align="justify"> Cuba is betting environmentally conscious vacationers, who are often willing to pay premium prices and stay longer than those hankering for cheap beach getaways, can boost profits. Eco-tourists focus not only on nature, but also on the country's social and cultural charms, while trying to make as little negative impact as possible on nature. </div> Read More

Cubans Might Be Wary of Politics behind Juanes Concert

<div align="justify"> Many Cubans say it's a desperate attempt by a government losing its grasp on the hearts of its people, a government that this week finally began to show its inevitable human vulnerability when one of its aging, beloved leaders died. </div> Read More

Cuban who Complained about Hunger on Youtube Released from Jail

<div align="justify"> Juan Carlos Gonzalez Marcos, known as &quot;Panfilo,&quot; was sentenced in August to two years in prison for the video which has been viewed more than 450,000 times since posted in April. Instead, he has been sent to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks of treatment for alcoholism after which he is expected to be released. </div> Read More

Cuba Will Modernize Weaponry and Train Military with Russian Help

<div align="justify"> Although the Cuban leadership has repeatedly said it has no intention of resuming military cooperation with Russia after the surprise closure of the Russian electronic listening post in Lourdes in 2001, bilateral military ties seem to have been improving following the visit of Russian Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev. </div> Read More