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September 9th

Increase in Family Trips to Cuba in Florida

<div align="justify"> Five months after Congress loosened strict Bush-era rules for family visits to Cuba, the numbers of travelers to the island is up dramatically. The new rules mean that those with family in Cuba can visit as often and for as long as they like. Previous rules restricted visits to as few as once every three years. </div> Read More

Cuba: Philips Denies Castro's Accusations

<div align="justify"> Fidel Castro on Monday charged the Dutch company Philips of 'double betrayal' for failing to deliver the parts under pressure from the United States, which has had a full economic embargo on Cuba that has been maintained by current US President Barack Obama. </div> Read More

September 8th

Castro Criticise Philips for Harming Cuba and Venezuela

<div align="justify"> Castro, 83, and still head of the Cuban Communist Party, charged in an editorial in official media that Philips' &quot;backing down and betrayal of Cuba and Venezuela&quot; stemmed from US pressure under former president George W. Bush, and has not changed much under President Barack Obama. </div> Read More

Drop in Sea-Borne Imports Reflects Cuba's Economic Crisis

<div align="justify"> A cargo transportation report issued last month by Cuba's Office for National Statistics shows that imports by sea dropped from 4,626,000 metric tons to 2,309,000 metric tons fir the first half of 2008 to the same period this year. Exports also dropped, from 307,000 to 203,000 metric tons. </div> Read More

Cuba and China Build Up their Cooperation Biotechnology

<div align="justify"> During the ceremony held on Monday in Beijing, the two parties, represented by Ricardo Cabrisas, vice-president of the Cuban Council of Ministers, and Zhang Ping, president of China’s National Commission for Development and Reform, expressed their willingness to deepen and expand cooperation in spheres of mutual interest. </div> Read More

Cuba Finishes its Preparation for the World Cup Undefeated

<div align="justify"> The islanders won the final of the four-team Italian Baseball Week over Chinese Taipei by a score of 4-0, with three hurlers - Freddy Asiel Alvarez, Pedro Luis Lazo and Vladimir Garicia combining for a shut out. Host Italy and Venezuela were the other two teams playing in the preparatory games. </div> Read More

The Need to Race Awareness about Racial Discrimination in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Among other actions, a group of intellectuals and artists have begun to hold screenings of a documentary called &quot;Raza&quot; (Race) by young Cuban filmmaker Eric Corvalán in Havana and Santa Clara, a city in central Cuba, with discussions after the film, which &quot;addresses the problem in a lucid, bold and coherent manner.&quot; </div> Read More

September 7th

High Time to End the Failed Embargo

<div align="justify"> The 47-year-old embargo has failed to topple the Castro regime, or force its liberalization. It may have actually strengthened the Castros, and engendered sympathy for him — and hostility towards the United States — in Latin America. </div> Read More

U.S. Is Preventing Scientist from Attending a Conference in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The US government routinely blocks scientific, educational and cultural exchange between Cuba and the United States.  While hopes still linger that President Obama will institute change in the hostile US-Cuba policy, most of the obstacles put in place by former administrations remain in tact. </div> Read More

Sending Mail To Cuba Again

<div align="justify"> The Obama administration has made several small, measured gestures of good will. President Obama ended Bush-era restrictions on how often Cuban Americans can visit the island and he has promised to end restrictions on cash remittance to Cuba. Now exist the possibility of resuming direct mail service between the two countries. </div> Read More