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Unlimited Visits to Relatives in Cuba Now Possible in U.S.

<div align="justify"> The changes to Treasury rules, which take effect immediately, focus on visits by Cubans living in the United States to the island, remittances by Cuban-Americans to their relatives, and telecommunications. The 47-year-old US economic embargo on Cuba however remains. </div> Read More

Corruption Crackdown Affects Cuban Black Market

<div align="justify"> Official outcries against corruption are nothing new on the communist-led island, but former defense minister Raul Castro is taking tough action that includes putting many commercial establishments under management of military-run businesses. </div> Read More

Cuba: Castro Talks About Bush "Horrors" with Oliver Stone

<div align="justify"> Castro, 83, in an editorial carried in official media, said he had a long talk with Oliver Stone about his film &quot;W&quot; about the Bush presidency. Castro wrote that &quot;after the political errors and horrors of George W. Bush,&quot; former US vice president Dick Cheney appallingly justified torture.<br /> </div> Read More

Cuban Students Get in Trouble with the Government for Applying for U.S. Scholarships

<div align="justify"> Not only did the students lose the chance to attend classes for free in the United States, but some were accused of ideologically losing their way and were expelled from their colleges in Cuba. Those who were members of the Communist Youth Union were booted out, several students said. </div> Read More

Cuban Cancer Drug Could Improve U.S.-Cuba Relations

<div align="justify"> For the first time in 50 years, the U.S. is performing clinical trials for a Cuban-made drug. Nimotuzumab was developed in Havana and designed for the treatment of cancer. The drug is meant to “target cancer cells including those in rare and deadly types like glioma, the brain cancer that killed Sen. Ted Kennedy. </div> Read More