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Obama Is Moving Slowly to End Obsolete Cuba Policies

<div align="justify"> Signs from Cuba indicate that token gestures will not entice the Cuban government into altering its stance on larger issues. Add to that the overseas confusion over which Castro brother, Raul or Fidel, wields true power in Cuba and the situation becomes really complex. So, it is logical to go step-by-step. </div> Read More

Fidel Castro the Womanizer: a Less Known Aspect of El Comandante

<div align="justify"> Discussing Castro's womanising ways is strictly taboo in Cuba, even on an island where the gossip grapevine flourishes in the absence of a free press. But a journalist has now revealed the scale of his philandering and the existence of at least 10 offspring. That is more than previously believed - but very possibly not the full tally. </div> Read More

Latin American Leaders Demand U.S. Lift the Cuban Embargo

<div align="justify"> Along with speeches opposing the posting of U.S. military personnel in seven Colombian army bases and multiple calls for restoring Manuel Zelaya to the presidency of Honduras, several Latin American heads of state demanded the lifting of the economic embargo the people of Cuba have been subjected to for half a century. </div> Read More

Cuba and U.S. Will Meet in World Cup Final

<div align="justify"> The final game will be a rematch of the 2007 IBAF Baseball World Cup, held in Chinese Taipei. The U.S. won that match-up, 6-3, ending Cuba's run of nine-straight World Cup titles. Although the USA has seen the most recent success in the event, Cuba has historically dominated World Cup play </div> Read More

Cuba Is Not Suffering the Caribbean Tourism Slump

<div align="justify"> Cuba isn't the only Caribbean country in the plus column. Jamaica's tourist arrivals have risen 3.4 percent, as of Sept. 17, and Guyana's are up 6.4 percent. But Cuba's 1.57 million tourists far outstripped the figures for those countries, year to date. </div> Read More