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Poultry Farmers Work To Produce 100 Million Eggs in Las Tunas, Cuba

Producing 100 million eggs annually is one of the goals of the poultry keepers of the eastern province of Las Tunas to improve the population's feeding. Read More

In Cuba: Foreign Investment in Central Camagüey Province Increases

There are twenty two investment projects for the replacement of imports and increase exports in eastern Camagüey province, thanks to agreements between the Bolivarian Alternative of The Americas (ALBA) and Cuba. Read More

Washington Fines Company for Commercial Ties with Cuba

Lactalis USA, the American subsidiary of the French cheese giant Lactalis, has been fined $ 20,950 by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department for commercial operations with Cuba Read More

Underwater Photography Contest Opens in Cuba

Divers and models from France, Italy, Spain and Cuba will compete for best image of the Caribbean marine environment Read More

Quality of Cuban Milk Increased

More than half the production of milk in Cuba, about 80 million liters, will be improved with the application this year of a locally manufactured substance called Stabilak. Read More

Museum of Louvre in Havana

This exhibition, that gathers 100 photographic reproductions with high definition, of pieces made from XIII until XIX centuries, is carried out by courtesy of the Louvre Museum and the French Embassy in Cuba and the support of the office of the Historian of Havana City, the French alliance in Cuba and the National Fine Arts Museum. Read More

Cuban Palace Slated for Restoration

Considered one of the first examples of eclectic architecture in Cuba, the Guasch Palace here will be restored to its century-old splendor Read More

Chelsea galleries visit Havana

Twenty-eight US art galleries have been invited to show work at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba, for the first time since 1986. Read More

The art of a continent: Australia at the Tenth Havana Biennial

To a large part of the public of these lands, Australia is still an unexplored cultural universe. The geographical distance and its peculiar environment play a great role here. Anyway, the art of the island-continent has earned an important place in the great international exhibition spaces. Read More

In Havana: Festival Primavera de Cuentos 2009

The festival Primavera de Cuentos 2009 will be held here fro the 12th until the 22nd of March with the presence of specialists from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. Read More