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Cuban Palace Slated for Restoration
The majestic building from 1909 is one of the architectural treasures of this city for its novel techniques of brick work and amazing artistic forms.

Weather protection of the covering to counter humidity is among the first actions to repair the building, explained specialists of this institution.

A second investment stage encompasses the restoration of the decorations, replacement of damaged windows and doors as well as other works of reconstruction.

The Spanish physician, architect and naturalist Francisco Guasch Ferrer built this building with only two workers.

The eminent scientist designed and modeled even the smallest details in one of foremost examples of reinforced concrete construction on the Island.

Dragons, sea horses and other strange figures mix in its facade and interior regions recreating an attractive eclectic ambiance.

Once a palace and now the Museum of Natural Sciences, the site includes gothic elements that recall the monstrous figures of the cathedrals with pointed arches of Arab influence.

A universe of creatures of the animal kingdom decorate the installation, a form of remembrance of frequent scientific expeditions of its architect.


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