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Cuban Vice President of Council of Ministers Meets Honduran President

Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice President of the Cuban Council of Ministers, met on Tuesday with Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya, who is in Cuba participating in the 11th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems that is underway in Havana. Read More

Healthy Changes in the Council of Ministers, Reflections by Fidel

On the occasion of the changes in the heart of the executive branch, there are some cable agencies that are throwing up their hands in grief.<br />     Read More

Leo Brouwer’s mark on Cuban cinema

The Cuban composer who was close to Cuban cinema from its very beginning wrote the music for some of the best movies produced in Cuba.     Read More

Measures in Favor of Banks Will Not Solve World Crisis

Experts from several nations participating in the 11th International Meeting of Economists on Development Problems, underway in Havana, said on Monday that the current world financial and economic crisis can not be solved through initiatives that only favor banks. Read More

Health Services Improved in Cuban Mountains

Last year’s health program results were quite evident in Sancti Spiritus’s mountainous regions –central Cuba- where an infant mortality rate of 3,4 per each 1 000 born alive was reported.<br /> Read More

Extraordinary Award “Bicentennial of Spanish American emancipation”

“Casa de Las Americas” has convened the extraordinary essay award “Bicentennial of the Spanish American emancipation.” The event will deal with the impact of Spanish America independence wars, 200 years after their beginning. Read More

In Camagüey, Cuba: University computer science

The first University built by Cuban Revolution is creating conditions for access to new <br /> information technologies. This is a priority that helps the youths use and handle computer science. Read More

Cuba for UN at Helm of Economic Fix

Cuba called on the United Nations to head the analyses and solutions of the deep economic crisis that affects millions of people around the world, more than the large financial groups. Read More

Cuban Justice Minister in Geneva

Cuban Justice Minister Maria Esther Reus said Tuesday she hoped reporting one day in Geneva about the lifting of the economic blockade on her country and the release of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters in US prisons. Read More