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Museum of Louvre in Havana
Once again the exterior of the Castle of Real Fuerza will receive a singular and attractive proposal: for the first time are arriving to our city paintings that have captivated the most diverse observers from the most diverse times and that have been kept in one of the most important museums of the world. “Imágenes del Louvre, seis siglos de pintura europea” (Images of Louvre, six centurias of European painting) will be officially opened the 14 of March to get us closer to emblematic works and painters from diverse moments of the universal plastic.

Besides facing us with the most famous painters of those convulsed periods of art history, the exhibition has another great merit: it’s social implication by bursting out of a certain cultural institution and allows a direct link with the spectator.

It is the first time the Louvre leaves its walls – it started this tour in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – and now reaches Cuba to offer the possibility of, as it was expressed by Henri Loyrette, director of the famous French Museum, “promote the popular culture in the heart of modern cities”. The initiative – that will have prepared guides for this exhibition (History of Art students and Art Instructors from the Jose Marti Brigade), also has a learning function: next to each reproduction will be placed explanation cards about the time when the painting was made and its author, as well as a general map that locates the public in the place where each one of the pieces are located. At the same time, there will be collateral activities during those same days, such as workshops at the MNBA, activities with students of the French Alliance in Cuba and with the children of the Casa Victor Hugo Museum, painting competitions for adults, in which competitors must inspire I the exhibited works to make their own creation and a conference about French painting, that will be held the 19 of March at the San Jerónimo de La Habana University.

The creation of these photos in high resolution, vinyl paper and in natural size has been possible thanks to a photographic campaign made in 2007 by Angèle Dequier, received by the Service of Documentaries Resources of Louvre and directed by Anne-Laure Ranoux. In the case of the great format pieces, it will show a significant detail of the composition and a vignette that reproduces the work.

The Louvre is an obliged reference for the lovers of the visual art history; it is one of the museums with greatest prestige in the world. Its creation, has been said, meant the pass of private collections to public, in order that the society as a whole could enjoy of the cultural and historic legacy great men, through their talents have given to mankind. Just to mention a number, that shows it is the most visited cultural centre in the world, the Louvre received in 2008, 15 million visitors.

In front of the sea, challenging time and mortality, as has always being and will always be, when the talent is imposed, will rise these creations in a singular gallery, with the heaven and wind as unique “walls” and supported by the architecture of an emblematic place of the Cuban architecture and history. The Louvre Museum will visit Havana to confirm that art and man are, as always, a unique entity.

Words of Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of Havana City, about the exhibition “Imágenes del Louvre, seis siglos de pintura europea”

It is for us a motive of great pleasure to receive at the Historic Centre of Havana, Patrimony of Humanity, this beautiful and exceptional exhibition of the Louvre Museum. To Paris, birthplace of so many lights and historic events, we owe the possession of one of the most valuable museum installation of the world.

The spirit of the collections treasured there is coming now to us to stimulate us with their beauty, to bring us happiness to our people after the trail of the horrible storm that hit us not so long ago. At the same time, it allows endless number of visitors to get closer to pieces of great artists from all the times. In the gates of the Real Fuerza Castle, the oldest of its type in the world, each one of the reproductions will conquer the heart of a public prepared to enjoy the splendour of the culture and art.


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