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In Cuba Foreign Investment in Central Camagüey Province Increases
The delegate of the Ministry of Domestic Trade in the territory, Iris Cruz, told ACN that these accords include four basic industry ministries.

She said there are ten investment programs in agriculture, mainly for enterprises devoted to poultry seeds, fruit, and cattle rising.

For the development of the ovine-caprine species, ten areas to fatten animals have been selected in the province, in the main administrative municipality, Vertientes, Minas, Güáimaro, Céspedes, Esmeralda and Florida.

Cultivos Varios Camagüey will be in charge of executing the project for fruit trees, which will be carried out in three stages. It includes 23 farms, five of them developed in 2008 (two for avocados, one of coconut, two of mango, and one of guava).

Light Industry investments include six programs: two saddlery workshops, three for the disabled, and one for craftsmanship.

The municipality of Nuevitas, north of the territory, has potential for exports, after the investments made by Geominera company -in the case of chromium and gold, the Factory of Fertilizers, the 26 de Julio Cement Factory, and in the production of barbed wire and electrodes.

Cooperation between Cuban and foreign capital makes it possible for the archipelago to produce more in order to spend less in imports, using the money for the development of national enterprises, and to improve its exporting capacity.


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