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Cuba Snaps Back after Hurricane
The almost five-hour course through the Pinar del Rio province and the Isle of Youth special municipality were severe, but residents were orderly due to the National Civil Defense guidelines.

Although the rapid passing of Gustav on this region reduced effects of rains and winds, damages in electrical and phone services, and houses in this region have been substantial.

Since early Sunday, authorities and people in general started recovery and the evaluation of damages.

After a week of tracking, Gustav hit the island's western region at category four in the Saffir-Simpson scale, with gusts of winds at 211 mph.

Cuba did report any loss of life, but there were over 70 deaths or missing people in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

More than 250,000 people were evacuated in the four western Cuban provinces and the special municipality, as well as a large number in 20 municipalities of the country's eastern zone.


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