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Effectiveness of Cubas Literacy Program Acknowledged in Ecuador
During the May-June period, the program was applied in 21 areas with 57 schools - from a total of 82- to train 158 teachers, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Web site reports.

Mayor Narciza Párraga de Monar acknowledged the advances obtained thanks to the assistance offered by Cuba, and she stressed the satisfaction of teachers and the people benefited with the Cuban audiovisual method.

Also attending the activity were local authorities from Pichincha, and Carlos Pozo, director of the Buen Gobierno Network and member of the national literacy project, who thanked the Cuban specialists and government for the help received.

Authorities in Puerto Quito have set out to improve education, in order to better the people’s quality of life and its understanding of the importance of education to achieve this humane goal, highlights the source.

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