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May 26th

India, Cuba to Foment Economic Ties

India Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma confirmed his government commitment to support and help promote trade and economic ties with Cuba. Read More

Cuba to Debate on Relationship Between Pork Production and Environment

The relationship between pork production and environment is one of the main issues to be addressed by Latin American and European experts attending a seminar in Havana this week. Read More

The average life expectancy in Cuba is nearing 80 years.

The average life expectancy in Cuba is nearing 80 years, and the country boasts over 1,800 centenarians, said professor Eugenio Selman, president of the 120 Years Club. Read More

The mother of a dissident Cuban doctor has been reunited with her grandchildren in Argentina.

The mother of a dissident Cuban doctor has been reunited with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Argentina after Havana agreed to let her leave the island. Read More

Chile Reaffirm Solidarity with Cuba

Delegates to the National Inter-Zone Meeting of the Chilean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba rejected US President George W. Bush's recent threats against the island state, and reiterated their support of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

May 25th

New Central Army Chief in Cuba Cuban President Raul Castro Led the Military Ceremony

Cuban President Raul Castro led the military ceremony of change of command to the Central Army Chief, and expressed his security that those troops won't disappoint the people. Read More

A statue of legendary Argentinean-Cuban Commander Ernesto (Che) Guevara to Be Inaugurated in His Birthplace

A statue of legendary Argentinean-Cuban Guerrilla Commander Ernesto (Che) Guevara will be inaugurated on June 14th in the Argentinean province of Rosario -his birthplace" on occasion of the 80th anniversary of Ches birth. Read More

Archeological Diggings on Columbus First Sighting in Cuba

After 506 years, Holguin archeologists from the Science and Environment Ministry delegation, deepen their knowledge of the "population of houses" described by Cristopher Colombus in his binnacle. The diggings took place from April 28th to May 9th as part of a project to organize the Archeological Patrimony of the Cristóbal Colón Tourist Park. Read More

Cinema present in the Cubadisco: Anthological movies from national cinematography

The great album party in Cuba, dedicated on this edition to Africa and its Diaspora to the American continent, was accompanied once again by the cinema, with a special program in the Acapulco Theater. Read More

Cuba, Las Tunas: Grants Prizes of Ten-line Stanza

The work entitled Ten-line Stanza Sung in Havana, Origin and Development, by Luis César Nuez González, was rewarded as assay, in the National Competition Todo Décima 2008 that is sponsored by Casa Iberomericana de la Décima El Cucalambé, in this eastern province of Las Tunas. Read More