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The tourist group Gaviota S.A. has presented new options to boost tourism in Cuba.

According to company executives, the group offers vacationers establishments that are located in breathtakingly-beautiful places where exuberant nature and seascapes are combined. Read More

Ecology, Leisure and Tourism in Cuba

According to experts, the link between nature and beach or urban options increases the value of the tourist product, especially in Cuba, where the local fauna consists of 16,500 described species, and the endemism of some zoological groups exceeds 90 percent. Read More

After years of deliberation, the University of Havana has finally decided to free software

After years of deliberation, the University of Havana has finally decided to switch over to free software on its network of computers, virtually all of which are running the Windows operating system, produced by United States software giant Microsoft. Read More

Two Hungry Wolves and Little Red Riding Hood. (Reflections by Comrade Fidel).

A basic idea had occupied my mind since my days as a utopian socialist. I had begun from scratch, from the simple notions of good and evil that society inculcates into every newborn, replete with instincts and lacking in the values that parents, particularly mothers, have imbued children within all societies and throughout history. Read More

Whats going to Happen during the International Cubadisco Symposium?

One of the main attractions of the 12th International Cubadisco fair 2008 will be the International Cubadisco Symposium, organized by the Cuban Music Research and Development Center (CIDMUC). Read More

Cuba shows tests of the relationships among terrorist, contrarrevolutionaries and officials of the US administration

Cuban authorities presented on Monday evidence about contacts between counterrevolutionaries, officials of the US Interests Section in Havana and a terrorist of Cuban origin resident in that nation. Read More

Cuba and UNESCO will celebrate in Havana: Cultural Diversity Day

Cuba and UNESCO will celebrate in Havana on May 21 the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, proclaimed by that organization in November 2001, organizers announced Monday. Read More

Cuban Grand Master (GM) Leinier Domínguez Wins Capablanca Chess Memorial

Dominguez, the best-placed Latin American player in the world ranking of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) with an ELO rating of 2695 points, on Saturday beat compatriot GM Walter Arencibia after 46 moves of a French Defense and concluded the tournament with six units of nine possible. Read More

Argentina Celebrates Che 80th Birthday in Rosario, Santa Fe.

Arrangements to celebrate Ernesto Che Guevara 80th birthday in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, calls attention of Clarin, a mainstream national newspapers. After "calling Che one of the revolutionary icons of the 20th century" and "the world's most prominent citizen of Rosario", the daily announces the June 14 tribute. Read More

Cuban Party took place in the salons of the Convention Mall Suntec City, in Singapore

A cultural performance Fiesta Cubana (Cuban Party) took place in the salons of the Convention Mall Suntec City, in Singapore, in coordination with the Japanese businesswoman and manager of the Baila Cuba Company, the Cuban Company Escenarte and the Cuban Embassy. Read More