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New Central Army Chief in Cuba Cuban President Raul Castro Led the Military Ceremony
At a letter read Friday in the activity, Raul Castro said "with the unity characterized by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), along with the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and the Revolution chief Fidel Castro, we will unbeatable."

Summarizing the military parade in the Cuban province of Matanzas, broadcast by the TV main news program, Division General Raul Rodriguez was appointed as chief of command, substituting Lieutenant General Joaquin Quintas.

The outgoing officer was also appointed Deputy FAR Minister, whereas the Council of State bestowed him the Maximo Gomez First Degree Order.

The Cuban statesman's letter highlights Rodriguez achievements during 40 years, his two internationalist missions and experience leading troops.

After inspecting the troops, Raul Castro met with presidents of the provincial Defense Councils that make up the Central Army and at the same time are the First PCC Secretaries in those provinces.


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