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May 4th

Cuba Media on US Secret Europe Push

A possibility that the European Union (EU) Council analyzes in June the continuing of sanctions on Cuba it imposed in 2003 has Washington on its toes. In remarks on "Rebelion" website entitled "The European tour of Bush consul to Cuba," the daily states such sanctions are a result of conniving betwen former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar and current US President George W. Bush. Read More

In the 34th International Book Fair Argentina Launches Cuban 5 Book

As a way to break media silence, the work "Desde la soledad y la esperanza," was launched in the 34th International Book Fair running in this capital, dedicated to five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unfairly imprisoned in United States. Read More

May 3rd

Cuba Resonates at French Fair

Musicians from eastern Cuba and craftsmen from the National Cultural Assets Fund have been successfully participating at the Besancon International Fair in northeastern France, taking place April 26-May 4. Read More

In Havana, Cuba: Mexican Documentaries, Project "Ambulante"

Next Thursday, May 8, Havanas Charles Chaplin Hall will host the opening of project "Ambulante", real documentary festival, promoted in Mexico by two young filmmakers, actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna. Read More

The Cuban's Singer-Songwriter Silvio Rodríguez Back in Concert at the Karl Marx

A look back at a good part of his almost 40 years of songwriting will be featured on singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez return to the Karl Marx Theater on May 9. Read More

Haiti faces a "major crisis" if international donors fail to provide urgent aid to help feed its poor.

"It is not so important how much money we are able to raise for our cause," Pedro Medrano, the WFP director for Latin America and the Caribbean, told a news conference. "The question is how much the international community and all of us are prepared to pay for not doing what needs to be done." Read More

Fidel Castro, 50 Years as Commander in Chief

This May 3rd, Fidel Castro turns 50 years as Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, rank granted by the highest direction of the Revolutionary Movement 26 of July (M26-7) in meeting held in Altos de Mompié, Sierra Maestra mountain, and since then on he has maintained that hierarchy by sovereign will of his followers. Read More

The novel "In the sky with diamonds", by the Cuban writer Senel Paz to achieve Casa de América Latina Award in Lisbon

The novel En el cielo con diamantes (In the sky with diamonds), by the Cuban writer Senel Paz, achieved the Literary Creation Award from the Casa de América Latina in Lisbon, according to sources from the organizing committee of the event. Read More

An it Criticizes to the Whashington Post and a Favorable Opinion to Cuba

I strongly take exception to the harsh and aggressive tone of the April 28 editorial bashing Cuba and elevating Colombia as "democratic. Read More

Hundreds of Cuban drummers and folklore dancers will begin a marathon rumba (over 300 hours) in Holguin.

Hundreds of Cuban drummers and folklore dancers will begin a marathon rumba (over 300 hours) in Holguin that will extend to the entire country. Read More