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May 21st

Latin American Movie Festival make its debut in Saint Petersburg

The Cinema House from the city of Saint Petersburg staged the first Latin American movie festival between May 15 and 21 with the screening of more than ten movies. Read More

Canada and Cuba, full musical understanding

From Grande Prairie, one of the most beautiful and intrincate landscapes from the Canadian province of Alberta, came more than a hundred students from its high school to share a musical event with their Cuban colleagues. Read More

10th Voices of the Republic colloquium in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

The 10th Voces de la Republica (Voices of the Republic) colloquium, organized by Sancti Spirituss Jose Marti Cultural Society, was opened last week with a panel on the centenary of Cuban magazine Bohemia, the most ancient Latin American publication. Read More

Cuban agriculture experts are immersed in the promotion of food production

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, an official with the Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forest Technicians, Hiram Fano, (ACTAF), explained that important and feasible initiatives are being expanded throughout the country through a program of exchange among grassroots producers. Read More

In Canada: Cuban Rap Star Telmary Diaz

The first CD of Cuban rap star Telmary Díaz titled "A diario" (Every Day), has opened her many doors the world over as one of the Cubas best contemporary popular musicians. Read More

May 20th

The tourist group Gaviota S.A. has presented new options to boost tourism in Cuba.

According to company executives, the group offers vacationers establishments that are located in breathtakingly-beautiful places where exuberant nature and seascapes are combined. Read More

Ecology, Leisure and Tourism in Cuba

According to experts, the link between nature and beach or urban options increases the value of the tourist product, especially in Cuba, where the local fauna consists of 16,500 described species, and the endemism of some zoological groups exceeds 90 percent. Read More

After years of deliberation, the University of Havana has finally decided to free software

After years of deliberation, the University of Havana has finally decided to switch over to free software on its network of computers, virtually all of which are running the Windows operating system, produced by United States software giant Microsoft. Read More

Two Hungry Wolves and Little Red Riding Hood. (Reflections by Comrade Fidel).

A basic idea had occupied my mind since my days as a utopian socialist. I had begun from scratch, from the simple notions of good and evil that society inculcates into every newborn, replete with instincts and lacking in the values that parents, particularly mothers, have imbued children within all societies and throughout history. Read More

Whats going to Happen during the International Cubadisco Symposium?

One of the main attractions of the 12th International Cubadisco fair 2008 will be the International Cubadisco Symposium, organized by the Cuban Music Research and Development Center (CIDMUC). Read More