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XII Edition of Barriocuento 2008 will last until next Sunday in Cuba

The XII Edition of Barriocuento 2008 will last until next Sunday. The venues of the event will be the Casa de Africa and Casa de la Obra Pía, in Old Havana. Read More

In Holguin, Cuba: Children and youths are participating in the fourth edition of the Video Art Festival

Children and youths from the eastern province of Holguin are participating in the fourth edition of the Video Art Festival based in each of the Community Video Clubs (VCJ) of the territory. Read More

Committee on Food and Agriculture as the "apple of the National Assemblys eye" in Cuba

Alarcón added, "We have to really achieve a quantitative and qualitative leap in food production; a leap like those that are remembered for all eternity. In our case, it must represent a great challenge to human capacity, organization, creativeness and responsibility of all the people who have something to do with food security." Read More

Havana to Open International Fair Cubadisco 2008 this Weekend

Cuban Record Industry hopes to boost the preservation of patrimonial values, forgotten by transnational and which constitutes the greater wealth of regional culture. Read More

New Cultural Guide Launched at Cuban Tourism Fair

A new Cuban Cultural Guide was launched recently at the 28th International Tourism Fair of Havana. Read More

V International Symposium on Arterial Hypertension in Santa Clara, Cuba on May from 26 to 29

Santa Clara will receive the IV International Symposium on Arterial Hypertension that will take place on May from 26 to 29 it is promoted by the Medical Sciences University Seraph Ruiz de Zárate" and the Central University "Marta Abreu" from this city, to the meeting will attend noted experts from Cuba and other nations Read More

In Cuba: Soroa smells like chocolate flower in the summer

Native to tropical regions, the chocolate orchid is warm, aromatic and seductive, a summer adornment of Soroa Botanic Garden, Cubas major institution specialized in that ornamental species. Read More

To Rescue the Cuban Agriculture: Searching New Formulas

Approaches to improving the Cuban agricultural sector were reported on by the Ministry of Agriculture to the Agricultural Commission of the National Assembly, whose president has gone so far as to call this an issue of "national security." Read More

Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda signed on Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding that will serve as a legal framework for the free eye-surgery program Operation Miracle that has already benefited 1,182 patients from the neighboring Caribbean nation. Read More

Cuba Takes World Food Crisis Issue to Fifth Latin America-Caribbean-European Union Summit

Cuba requested on Tuesday that the issue of the current world food crisis be included in the agenda of the Fifth Latin America-Caribbean-European Union Summit, whose stage at the level of experts began yesterday in Lima, Peru. Read More