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In Cuba: Soroa smells like chocolate flower in the summer
Called that way for its fragrance, the Encyclia Phoenicea is common in the foothills of Sierra del Rosario and some other spots of the country, and constitutes a peculiar distraction due to its difference to the rest of the huge orchid family, represented by over 330 species in the island.

Mostly in summer, its spikes produce 2 inch brown-purple flowers that contrary to the majority of the orchids have a very sweet scent, able to suggest such appetite as just nature can achieve.

This attractive specimen, envy of chocolate lovers-according to experts-is part of the Cuban flora and may be found in Pinar del Río, La Habana, Sancti Spiritus, Isla de la Juventud and Guantánamo, although is not as visible as the rest of the species.

Therefore, this flower is a priority among the collection of orchids that have special attention in this place, in order to protect them, especially from the predation it has traditionally suffered with market purpose due to its singularity.

Soroa Botanic Garden, nearby Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, gathers more than 25 thousand plants of 700 species, including ferns and woodland.

Their preservation labour towards these gorgeous flowers makes of Pinar del Río the Cuban capital of Orchids.


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