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Cuba Takes World Food Crisis Issue to Fifth Latin America-Caribbean-European Union Summit
According to Prensa Latina news agency, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno told reporters that the participants concern for the food crisis problem can be perceived although the topic has not been included in the official program of the event yet.

Moreno, who attends the 26th Meeting of High-Ranking Officials, added that there is not a definition about the topic yet, although it is very important undoubtedly.

The Cuban diplomat stressed that it is impossible to speak about the fight against poverty - one of the key topics of the summit - without mentioning the excessive increase of food prices in the international market.

With regard to the meeting among experts, Moreno said that representatives from both regions have already agreed on the agenda that will be discussed by foreign ministers next Thursday.

In parallel with this event, the 3rd Summit of the Peoples began in Lima with a message against neoliberal policies and with the intention of trying, in a symbolic court, some 20 multinational companies for violating the human rights of Latin American peoples.


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