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To Rescue the Cuban Agriculture: Searching New Formulas
"Those in Cubas agricultural sector are searching for formulas to increase the sustainable provision of foods, with the greatest possible efficiency," said Alcides López, deputy minister of Agriculture. He and other officials of that agency gave a presentation on Tuesday to the members of the newly formed Agricultural Commission of the National Assembly.

The official noted that problems confronted today have been caused not only by the collapse of the Eastern European socialist bloc almost 15 years ago, but are also due to structural problems that at their root require the urgent adoption of new measures.

The official indicated that priority has been given to the establishment of the Municipal Agriculture Delegations, which will allow decentralized decision-making and the assumption of responsibilities at the local level - where actual productive takes place.

López also announced that some companies will change their social objective to become entities that lend their services to basic production entities.

In connection with the issue of work force development, the official revealed that priority is being given to the family unit in the training of personnel for agriculture.

"However, thats not enough; its limited. We are lacking the necessary economic levers that farmers the incentive to produce in varied forms and at a low cost.

"We are talking about 'sowing men and women in the countryside, and to achieve that we must put into practice measures that encourage people to remain in the country, receiving social recognition and feeling proud of being a farmer."

Acting Minister María del Carmen Pérez added that the steps to be taken will require gradual implementation, the establishment of priorities, and the development of local initiatives.


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