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The Doctor Who Sings: Liuba María Hevia
After spreading 'angel dust throughout the eastern Cuban region, Liuba arrived in Camagüey province to resume a national tour she began two years ago, but was interrupted last year. Although moving, the experience at the Eduardo Agramonte Piña pediatric hospital was not new: Liubas first presentations at every stop on her itinerary are always at the pediatric hospitals, where this renowned artist, modesty apart, has experienced the healing power of her songs.

In the garden of the old building, the impatient children and their families, doctors, nurses and other health workers began singing most of the songs that Liuba wanted "to share with the hospitalized children and with the workers who guarantee that each of them receive an excellent treatment."

After a group of children danced for her, the renowned trova singer began singing her songs, among them: 'La calabacita, 'Ana la campana, 'Señor arcoiris, 'Los pícaros piojos, 'El brujito de Burubú, 'El trencito y la hormiga, 'El despertar, 'La palangana vieja and 'Estela, granito de canela.

These tours have nothing to do with profits, but the human soul. What really matters is the impact that the direct contact with a childrens idol has on those suffering from serious illnesses.

From Camagüey, Liuba will travel to Ciego de Avila province and then, Matanzas. With eight CDs to her credit thus far, she maintains a beautiful, clear voice, as well as the ability to communicate perfectly with the audience. Unlike other Cuban musicians, Liuba neither needs a large accompanying group, nor makes great demands.

She revealed publicly the nature of the treatments she provides: 'spiritual medicine or 'poetic medicine. Its effectiveness is beyond any doubt. At the end of the concert at the pediatric hospital, all the kids who applauded her were, in a way, closer to being discharged.


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