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Prepared in Havana CUBADISCO 2008 Festival
As it is already a custom in different cultural events, this one has the characteristic of having a central topic and a guest of honour. The activities are carried out around this topic and guest.

If we are talking about CUBADISCO, we are talking about music, but every edition is linked to a different topic. The edition of the year 2003 was dedicated to Germany, the 2004 to the Caribbean, the 2005 to women and Japan was the guest of honor, while 2006 was the dance and last year the guest of honor was Venezuela and cinema was the main attraction.

In 2004 was made the longest Son of the world. This time, 2008, will be the longest Rumba of the world. The Rumba will start on Saturday the 3 of May at 9pm at the eastern city of Guantanamo and will end on Saturday the 17 in the capital city at 9pm.

This year Africa will be the main attraction of the event. This will give a great opportunity to know the oral, literature, dance and plastic arts traditions with all the magnificence it has in our cultural traditions.

The Presidents of Honor of CUBADISCO will be the prestigious Cuban researchers María Teresa Linares, Rogelio Martínez Furé and Miguel Barnet.

Nowadays the Centre of Research and Development of Cuban Music is taking care of the preparation of the International Symposium of the CUBADISCO Fair, a theoretical event that is tradition in this kind of events.

It will also be held the Second meting of the Necessary Song, an opportunity to emphasize the compromise values and defense of identity and authenticity of the artist and its people.

Ciro Benemelis will be the president of the cultural event and the Centre of Research and Development of Cuban Music is in charge of the preparation of International Symposium of the CUBADISCO Fair.

(Radio Metropolitana)

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